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“Salt Spring”, “Beached”, “Letters from the Front“, in Paddler Press vol. 8 The Journey 2023

“Parameters”, in Waywords issue 9 (2023)

“Cottage Nights”, “Genius Loci”, “\\At a Slant//”, “Preferences”, “Ringlets”, in “A Length of Thyme” chapbook (forthcoming, 2023)

“Skipping Stones”, “Trust Fund”, “A Matter of Intensity”, “Discovery”, “Comfort Zone”, “Stereotype”, “A Garrisoned Vale”, “Games We Play”, “Down the Pub”, “Heart of Oak”, “Threadbare”, “Fugue State”, “Collage”, “Unearthing Myself”, “The Right Stuff”, “Where I Am”, “Kaleidoscope”, in Skipping Stones (chapbook) by Adrienne Stevenson & Marie-Andrée Auclair (forthcoming, 2023)

“Variegated”, “Impressionists”, The Medley, 2023

“Doors”, Home—Lifespan Vol. 7 (April 2023)

“Voice of Ire”, in flo. Issue 3 Trials (2023)

“Too Many”, Amsterdam Quarterly (36) No Planet B, March 2023

“To My Unborn Daughter”, The Elpis Letters (accepted, 2022; publication scheduled April 2023)

“High Maintenance”, “Bridge Club”, “Incongruity”, in Young Ravens Literary Review (17) p.50,58,60 (2022)

“Fragile Dancers”, in Ekphrastic Challenges (16 December 2022)

“Celestial Sea”, Nightingale & Sparrow December 2022 (micropoem)

“Calculated Risk”, “Winnowings”, “Round We Go”, “Confabulation”, “Special Cases & Places”, in “Merging Waters” chapbook, CAA-NCR 2022, p. 45-52

“Juxtapoz”, in Bud & Branch Greenwoods Collections: Vol. I, Green Ink Poetry (December 2022) p. 28

“Songbook”, Glebe Report December 2022

“Winter Festival”, Black Bough Poetry 2022 (Winter Edition)

“Flip-Side”, “Extravagance”, Waywords Issue 8: Masquerade, 2022

“Competition”, Last Leaves Issue 5, Fall 2022,  p. 183

“Inundation”, “Lake Effect”, When It Rains It Pours Anthology, Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2022 (forthcoming)

“Meditation”, Glebe Report September 2022 p. 12 

“Time-Out”, “Papaver Somniferum“, Red Wolf Editions Fall 2022

“Caryatids”, “Discovery”, “To the Max”, The BeZine Fall 2022

“Puppet Show”, “Retirement Speech (with subtext)”, “Font of Hype”, Blood & Bourbon (2022)

“Russian Bank”, The Poet, featured poem, (7 August 2022)

“Games We Play”, Marriage—Lifespan Vol. 6 (August 2022)

“my great-uncles”, The Poet—Family (July 2022)

“Extended Burn”, “Kaleidoscope” (joint with Marie-Andree Auclair), flo. Issue 2 Bloom (2022) p. 71, 86

“Skipping Stones” (joint with Marie-Andree Auclair), Young Ravens Literary Review, issue 16 (2022)

“Stars Like Eyes”, in Starry, Starry Night anthology (2022), p. 5

“Oceans”, “Reality Construct”, Star Cradle”, Planisphere Q (2022)

“Norn”, The Orchards Poetry Journal, Summer 2022

“Sisters, 1906”, “Taking Dictation”, “Grand Cycle”, in WordCity Lit, May 2022

“Re-wilding”, honourable mention, Carmen Ziolkowski Poetry Prize, 2022

“Downsizing”, Last Leaves Issue 4, 2022

“Ukrainian Nights, 2022”, Poetry for Ukraine, 2022, p. 69, Poem of the Day 2022-04-13

“Go Placidly”, Lifespan vol.4 Work, 2022

“Canadanarchy: Doldrums, Mob Rule, Trust Fund for Tomorrow”, The BeZine, Spring 2022

“Kindling”, Glebe Report, March 18, 2022

“Synaesthesia”, “Seeing Stars”, “A Matter of Intensity”, MacroMicroCosm (2022)

“Raku Ocarina”, “Soliloquist”, “Under Pressure”, Planisphere Q (2022)

“Artistic Spectrum”, Still Point Arts Quarterly, (Spring, 2022)

“Anode to Autumn”, flo. (Issue 1), 2022

“Cozy”, Dollar Store Magazine, Issue 3: Leftovers, But Make Them Cozy, (2022)

“Historiography”, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 270 Coldwater, Seniors Literary Competition 2020-2021, p. (P-20) – 20

“Ringlets”, Bywords, December 2021

“Stereotype”, the Elpis Pages, December 2021, p. 135

“Accidents Will Happen”, Silver Apples Magazine 17 – Bad Decisions, December 2021

“Pollinators”, “Integument”, WordCityLit, November 2021

“Equatorial City”, “Winnowings”, “Consumed”, The BeZine, Fall 2021

“Cottage Nights”, eucalyptus & rose literary magazine, September 2021

“Pulse”, “St. Elmo’s Experiment”, Roots & Wings vol.2, Paddler Press, 2021

“Elemental”, Loft Books Anthology Issue II, 2021

“Winter Flow”, Black Bough Poetry 2021 (Winter Edition) audio version

“Rant Gone Viral”, “Lockdown”, The Coronavirus Poetry Issue, Red Wolf Editions (Fall 2021)

“Jet Lag Discoveries”, Train Poetry Journal (23 August 2021)

“Deluge”, Planisphere Q—Summer Rain (2021)

“Where I Am”, “Unearthing Myself”, Jaden (Summer 2021)

“Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park”, The Ekphrastic Review (14 July 2021)

“Pandumbic”, “Fitting the Data”, “How to Bow”, Poetry and Covid, (8 July 2021)

“Distressed”, “Valley of Glaciers”, “Ocean Swell”, “Are We Amused?”, “Electronic Time”, Page & Spine (2 July 2021)

“Enumeration”, “Comfort Zone”, “Folk Festival”, MacroMicroCosm “Folk” vol. 7 (1) (June 2021)

“Opportunity Knocks”, Still Point Arts Quarterly, (Summer, 2021) p. 112-113

“Tree-house”, Growing Up – Lifespan vol.2, 2021

“Political Pantoum”, Masque & Spectacle, April 1, 2021

“A Garrisoned Vale”, Bywords (February 2021)

“Boxed In”, Pages Penned in Pandemic, 2021, p. 188

“Skinny-dipping”, “Tree-house”, The Poet – Childhood vol.2, (Winter 2020) ‘Tree-house’ Poem of the Day, 30 May 2021

“Seed Futures”, Uproar Literary Blog, December 23, 2020,

“Expedition”, reprinted in Byline, December 2020,

“Lockdown”, The Coronavirus Poetry Issue, Red Wolf Editions (Fall 2020), p. 19, ,

“Threadbare”, The Literary Nest, 6 (3), (2020)

“Kitchen Timer”, Still Point Arts Quarterly (Fall 2020) p. 87

“Passage”, Constellate Literary Journal (2020)

“Expedition”, “Stationmaster”, “Big Island”, The Poet – On the Road Vol.2 (Summer 2020), p. 155-158

“Autumn”, The Literary Nest, 6 (2), (2020)

“Political Pantoum”, “Homophony, Homophoby”, “Nelson NZ Harbour Views, 2019”, in 20/20 Vision, Canadian Authors Association-National Capital Region:Ottawa. (2020)

“Ancestry”, The Wire’s Dream Magazine 7th collection (2020), p. 33

“Creature Comforts”, Bywords, April 2020

“Littoral”, “Storm Rising”, Blood & Bourbon #5 (2019), p. 147-148

“Deliberate Grace”, “Detritus”, “Ephemera”, Scarlet Leaf Review, Anniversary Edition (2019)

“Grey Matter”, “This Old Memory”, “River of Stone”, “Skeleton Structure”, in Time and Again Poetry Anthology, chapbook (2018)

“Epiphanelle”, “Expedition”, in Poets’ Pathway: The Lampman Challenge, Poets’ Pathway Press:Ottawa (2018)  p. 3, 5.

“Tetchy Sketch”, Geist (2012)

“chaos, limited”, Quills, Winter 2005, p. 14-15

“Lament for a Generation”, “Grand Cycle”, “(untitled)”, “Postcard from Dubai”, “Remote Control”, “Polemic”, poems at Poets Against the War, 2003-2005

Poets Pathway chapbook

Epiphanelle Expedition

Respectively, 1st and 3rd place in Lampman Challenge poetry contest, 2018
poetry chapbook Thyme and Again

Grey Matter
This Old Memory
River of Stone
Skeleton Structure

Anthology of poems by Ottawa Thyme poetry workshop, 2018
20/20 Vision anthology

Political Pantoum
Homophony, Homophoby
Nelson NZ Harbour Views, 2019

Honourable mentions, National Capital Writing Contest, 2020
Merging Waters

Calculated Risk
Round We Go
Special Cases & Places

Chapbook of Canadian Authors' Association National Capital Region poetry workshop, 2022.
A Length of Thyme

Cottage Nights
Genius Loci
\\At a Slant//

10-year anniversary chapbook of Thyme Poetry Workshop, 2023