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Website Saga 01

Welcome to the saga of my site development. Please be patient while I ease out the kinks!

I have several projects on the go right now, so my blog entries may be sporadic for a while. I hope to settle out to once a month, but may update a little more often over the next few months. Let’s see how it goes.

First up, poetry. I’m assembling poems for a chapbook, and working on the final stages of joint chapbooks with members of my decade-long poetry workshop. Over the past few years I’ve had more than 150 of my poems published in over 50 print or online publications, so it’s time for a book or two. Maybe even a collection. Learning to use KDP is something of a challenge, but possibly less so than finding a publisher in today’s market.

Next, my new historical project: the canal-building era in Upper Canada, which was from shortly after the close of the War of 1812 up to the Rebellion of 1837. My research period will remain within the bounds of Ontario’s existence as Upper Canada (1791-1841), so I’ll be building on research done for “Mirrors & Smoke”, with an entirely new suite of characters.

Speaking of “Mirrors & Smoke”, my novel covering the years leading up to and during the War of 1812, while I still have a few outstanding submissions to hear from, I’m preparing to self-publish. I’d like to have the book in my hands before I turn 70!

And…ta da! Mystery Magazine is publishing my story “I Smell a Mystery” in their April 2023 edition, available at Amazon and at their site by subscription.

Life goes on, seeds are sprouting under growlights in my indoor garden and our kitchen renovation project will begin soon. Many things conspire to limit my writing time, but I inch forwards daily. My mantra “writing is fun” helps me have a little fun every day.

Mirrors & Smoke

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