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New Year News

First, fiction: Mirrors & Smoke will remain on Kobo Plus until the end of January. After that, I’ll set it to purchase only. I hope more of you find it and enjoy Rebecca’s story. If you do, please rate and review, and recommend to your friends who enjoy historical fiction. Something in it for everyone! […]

Kobo Plus for 30 days

Between November 15 and December 15, the eBook version of Mirrors & Smoke is available for free download via Kobo Plus. I hope people will try it out and recommend it to their friends.

Awarded 3rd place by PNWA!

Mirrors & Smoke was awarded 3rd place in the historical novel category by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, I’m very proud of this, even if it didn’t place 1st. I entered their competition for unpublished novels back in January, well before I thought the novel would go to press any time soon. Now, it […]

ePUB launch for Mirrors & Smoke

I uploaded Mirrors & Smoke ePUB versions on both Amazon and Kobo in late August, but somehow this post never made it live to my blog. The ePUB launch for both sites was September 1st. For those of my readers who didn’t want to lug around the paperback, now’s your chance to get the ePUB!

Mirrors & Smoke released August 10, 2023

Mirrors & Smoke has now been published, and the paperback is available on Amazon worldwide. I have many people to thank for this, including all my beta readers, my editor, Allister Thompson, and my book designer, Sherrill Wark. There would be no book without every person I cite in the book’s Acknowledgments. I hope I […]

Mirrors & Smoke cover reveal

Mirrors & Smoke cover reveal “Mirrors & Smoke” is a story of one woman’s courage and perseverance to save her family when the United States invades Canada. Rebecca Plummer is a Canadian herbalist and midwife with a shameful secret and feminist outlook, caught up in the War of 1812 in Niagara, Upper Canada. Rebecca struggles […]

Forthcoming Historical Novel

My historical novel, Mirrors & Smoke, is being prepared for self-publication.  I plan to have it ready to go in late summer or early fall. For more detail, click on Fiction. So, between those preparations and my ongoing kitchen renovation, I haven’t kept up with my blogging. But here I go, back on what I hope […]

Website Saga 01

Welcome to the saga of my site development. Please be patient while I ease out the kinks! I have several projects on the go right now, so my blog entries may be sporadic for a while. I hope to settle out to once a month, but may update a little more often over the next […]

Poetry & Stories – a fresh start

  Have a web presence they said. Set up an author page. Get out there! Well, here I am. And it feels good to have actual published work to promote. So far, I have quite a few poems published, and some stories. They’ll show up on their respective pages, and occasionally in blog posts. Plus, […]